spring sessions

now that fall is here…I’m getting around to sharing some spring LOVE!  I loved my time with each of these families…1st birthdays to sweet sixteens, engagements to  maternity, and just plain family fun!  this year has been great but this spring and summer were full of so many smiles!


013_moseng2014 037_moseng2014 blevins_004 blevins_032 charlotte_024 charlotte_077 childress_003 craddock_026 griese_031 griese_042 griese_065 hartzell_sharpe_047 hartzell_sharpe_133 howell2014_005 howell2014_040 kaelin_047 kaelin_061 martin_2014_025 martin_2014_051 mayo_007 mayo_025 plumlee_024 roman_010 roman_042 smith_family_013 waggener_097 waggener_099 waggener_126 williams_maternity_042

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fall favorites

last fall was certainly a full one! here are some of my favorites…finally!

buntain_006 bynum_007 childress_068 conaster_010 craddock_037 dunlop_016 farris_024 farris_059 haskins_013 haskins_085 heinsfamily_039 jones_061 kennedy_001 lacher_056 lewis_015 lewis_026 martin_028 mcallister_032 powell_033 rainer_0022 rainer_0068 schablik_001 strelecki_025 thurman_051 vandusen_trees_012 warner_015 worley_003

If you haven’t booked your session for Fall 2014 I would do so soon! limited spots are filling up quickly!

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annie – senior portrait: brentwood portrait photographer


pretty sure Annie is the all american high school senior.  She is an amazing young lady – in the band, homecoming queen, active at church…probably because I babysat her a few times back in the day.  Just kidding!  Annie is amazing all on her own!  I love my time with her and fun to catch up with her family.  Can’t wait to see all the great places the Lord will take her in life.







annie11 annie3

annie10 annie_0055


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ava grace: nashville family photographer


It was so much fun working with Ava Grace and her sweet parents.  what a cute little family! I absolutely loved her sweet dress! we had a great morning together, here are some of my favorites:

jess4 jess1jess5 jess2jess8 jess3jess7

and I’ll leave you with my favorite.  hugs for dad…and with a little diaper showing 🙂 precious!







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dean – first year portraits: franklin family photographer


How cute is little Dean?  I met up with him and his parents to take some pictures for his 1st Birthday!  Here are some favorites from our time together:



p6 p3 p2

p9 p1

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anna and noah: alys beach

not much to say about these pictures except that I love them…I love the people in them, and I loved our time at the beach!


c6 c4

c7 c2

c10 c5

c8 c3


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young family: brentwood family photographer



It is so much to see the same families year after and see how much their sweet children are growing and capture wonderful memories for them.  I loved catching up with the Youngs and photographing sweet little Alaina!  Here are some of my favorites from our time together:



young4 young3

young8 young2

young9 young7



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white family: brentwood family photographer

I had such a great afternoon with this family.  These 3 boys were SO FUN and hilarious to work with.  I have no doubt there is never a dull moment in this house hold! here are some of my favorites from my time with the Whites:

white4 white1

white5 white2


white10 white6 white3


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anna – senior portraits: brentwood portrait photographer

I am absolutely loving the senior sessions I’ve had the privilege of shooting lately.  Not that I don’t love my family sessions and chasing around 2 year olds, but working with these amazing ladies has been so much fun and Anna did not disappoint either.  I’m glad I’ve gotten to meet this amazing young woman and can’t wait to see where her future takes her!  Here are some of my favorites my session with Anna:



anna8 anna3


anna9 anna5

anna11 anna6

anna10 anna7

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anderson: franklin family photographer


love this little kiddo. love his parents. simply a joy to capture these memories of such a sweet family! highlights from session with Stiener family!

and6 and1

and7 and2

and14 and9

and5 and3

and11 and10 and4

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